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The future

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Day 2572


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Day 2383

Reptile joke

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Day 2391

The Himalayas Redrawn

The Himalayas Redrawn published on 2 Comments on The Himalayas Redrawn

I decided it would be interesting to redraw my first ever comic – The Himalayas. It was great fun to do and made me realise how huge the creative journey has been since that drawing on Paint back in January 2014.

I had a good time doing this so I will probably do some more in the near future as some of the old ones deserve an upgrade.

Day 1801 The Himalayas (NEW)_edited-1 Day 1801 himalaya

Olympic Badminton

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Day 2768

Talking to myself

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Day 2158

Conflict management

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Day 2196

Good singer

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Day 2157

Guest comic: Ryan Rogers

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What’s this!? A guest comic by Ryan Rogers – the creator of many funny comic strips and all-round nice guy!

He told me he had some spare time the other day so created this beauty for me. I think he managed to capture both style and humour of my comic (effortlessly) AND the type of conversations I have with my son! Thanks Ryan!

Check out his Spring Chickens and Zombie Dinosaurs – and while you are at it why not follow the good man on Twitter and Facebook


Ryan Rogers guest comic

Grandma love

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