Broken Arm Redrawn

Another day, another redrawn comic from the very early days of my comic. You can see the original here.

This is also the first ever comic in colour! Something I am very excited about and will try and do a bit more of in the future. I just need to figure out how to get the colours right after I have scanned it (on my very poor scanner).








The Boss of Nothing Redrawn

Here’s an another old comic I have redrawn. The original comic was posted back in July 2014.















Guest Comic: Esa Holopainen (badlydoodled in Finland!)

A few weeks ago I got great surprise from Finland! The talented cartoonist and carpenter, Esa Holopainen, sent me this great guest comic with a Finnish twist! I love it. I have never been to Finland but if it was THIS easy to travel there I’d go there now.

Thanks Esa!

Check out his site here:

And on Twitter:

The Factory Saga (full comic)

Here are all 9 “episodes” of the Factory Saga. It was good fun to do another long story line for once (the other two were The Toothbrushing Saga and Wormy) and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I love my son’s imagination and the incredible inventions he comes up with. Even if some of them might be tricky to carry out in real life.

I am off to the library to find a book about how to build a factory. Thanks for reading!