Theresa May Strong and Stable

Theresa May Strong and Stable

Theresa May Looking in the Mirror

Theresa May looking in the Mirror

Fatherhood Badly Doodled 500 Comic Anniversary!

I’m 500 comics old and not only am I super excited and surprised by that – the birds are too!

I thought it would be fun with a little competition so I am giving away 5 (not 500) copies of my latest zine. All you need to do is share this post on Facebook or Twitter before Sunday the 28th of May – and you’ll be entered in to the competition. We will draw winners on Monday the 29th of May.

AND if anyone fancies doing a guest comic, or some fan art, before the end of June you will automatically get the zine too.


Lots of comic love!

Fatherhood Badly Doodled 500 Comic Anniversary

Evil Theresa May and Cthulhu

Theresa May and Cthulhu

Excellent Guide to Voting by Badlydoodled

I was inspired to do this when I saw the Action for Children campaign #WhyIVote on social media.

Theresa May’s dad

Theresa May's dad

Bottom Redrawn

Time for another redrawn comic. This is a new version of one of the comics I ever drew. You can see the original here.