Guest Comic by Shannon O’Brien (The Adventures of Wendy and Lucy)

What’s this?! A comic within a comic? AND it’s co-written by a cute pup!

It’s the work of Shannon O’Brien who is the creator of the excellent Adventures of Wendy and Lucy which you can read here. She’s managed to capture the tone of my work perfectly. Thanks Shannon 🙂

Adventures of Wendy and Lucy guest comic badlydoodled

Guest Comic by Amanda El-Dweek (Amanda the Great)

Today’s guest comic is by Amanda El-Dweek who is the creator of the hilarious slice-of-life comic Amanda the Great.

I have never tried pizza rolls but it sounds delicious so I’m spending the day on Google looking for recipes…Amanda the Great guest comic Fatherhood Badly Doodled

Guest Comic by Andrew Fraser

What would we look like in the past is something we’ve always wanted to know. Who doesn’t like a bit of time travel? Thanks to this great guest comic by Andrew Fraser we now know. Check out Andrew’s work here or on Twitter where he shares his versatile range of comics and topical cartoons.

Andrew Fraser guest comic for Fatherhood Badly Doodled