Age 5

Higher Education REDRAWN

A new-ish version of an old comic from 2014. The original is here.

Higher Education REDRAWN

Who wants ice cream?

A new version of one of my early comics. You can see the original here.


Whatever REDRAWN

Best Parents Ever

Best Parents Ever

There’s something under the sheets

This is a new version of a comic from early 2014. Year 1 of my comic. The original is here.


Farty bed REDRAWN

Life before life.

Here’s a redrawn oldie from June 2014. The original is here.

It’s fun sharing some of these but even the redrawns are getting quite old now. I drew these in the Autumn of 2016 so they are over 6 months old. Soon there’ll be redrawns of the redrawns of the redrawns….

When we weren't alive REDRAWN

The Outdoors (Redrawn)

This is a new version of this old one.The Outdoors REDRAWN