Age 9

Summer Holiday – Borrowed all Comics at the Library

All the comics at library

Summer Holiday – Shoe Kick

Shoe Kick






The Rules of Shoe Kick are simple.

You’ll need:

  • A Ball
  • Two trees
  • At least 2 people (preferably more)

Each team has a goal (tree) to protect. You score a goal by hitting the tree trunk with the ball. You are only allowed to kick the ball with your feet.

A game consists of three periods. The 1st period is 10 minutes long. 2nd period is 15 minutes long. 3rd period is 10 minutes long.

Free kicks are awarded when the any player under the age of 12 thinks their team is fouled. Also you are not allowed to push or kick your opponent.

The team with most goals wins.

Summer Holiday – Old Sheet Games

Sheet Dragging

Summer Holiday – Park Games

Park Games with Mum

Summer Holiday – Surviving the Heat Wave

Surviving the Heat Wave

Summer Holiday – Movie Maker

Movie Maker

Summer Holiday – Boat Race at the Waterfall

Summer Holiday – Water fights

Summer Holiday Water fights

World Book Day 2018

As a child I loved reading the great European comics like Tintin, Spirou & Fantasio, Asterix, Lucky Luke and my all time favourite Gaston Lagaffe. Later on comic strips like Calvin & Hobbes, Beatle Bailey, Hagard, Garfield and Mutts took over. All of these amazing comics have stayed with me since then and reading them takes me back to those happy weekends spent at the local library trawling through shelf after shelf of comic gold.

I have finally started collecting these and introduced them to my son who loves them (except Asterix, there’s no love there), so much that now he’s the one hunting for comics at the library at the weekends. Seeing him getting lost in the adventures of Spirou or giggle at Calvin & Hobbes is the best thing in the whole world. You can never recreate that exciting feeling of reading one of these comics for the first time. I really envy that but more importantly I am so excited for him.


World Book Day 2018