Guest artist

2 years old!

It’s my 2 year Doodleversary! Two years of drawing all the chats I’ve had with my amazing son and two years of learning how to draw. Thanks to everyone who have supported me up till now. Don’t go! I have enough for a few more years.

Here is a guest comic by my son and number 2 fan (his words). It’s me, drawing at the desk in his room. I’m smiling and humming and it looks like I have an eye patch plus massive muscles.


Day 2370 2 year anniversary drawing

Guest comic by Griefers AFK

So, this is the first ever guest comic for Fatherhood. Badly Doodled. This is by the amazing and talented Griefers AFK who has really captured the style and tone of my comic, and also achieved the task of making me look loads better than I do in real life.

Have a look at and on Twitter @GriefersAFK for more cool stuff.

Guest comic - Foul Cheddar

Guest artist “Spacestation” (Day 2100)

Art by Oskar Rasmussen, 5

Title “On the spacestation when Peter is an old man who is fat.

Oskar: “This will take forever!”

Peter: “It won’t take forever…maybe you’re right, I was wrong”Day 2100 Spacestation

Another comic written by my son (Day 1994)


Day 1994 Oskar story uuuuuuhm

Guest artist Saturday (Day 1903)

Guest artist Saturday (Day 1903)

Written by: Oskar Artwork inspired by: Oskar

Kids in blankets (Day 1911)

“Kids in Blankets” by Alison Rasmussen
(Day 1911)

Going home after a nice day in the park (Guest artist)

Guest artist of the month: Oskar
Age: 5
Title: Going home after a nice day in the park
Medium: Mechanical pen

Guest artist (Day 1851)

Guest artist