June 2014

Ghosts in the olden days

Ghosts in the olden days

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted

Who wants ice cream?

A new version of one of my early comics. You can see the original here.


Whatever REDRAWN

Life before life.

Here’s a redrawn oldie from June 2014. The original is here.

It’s fun sharing some of these but even the redrawns are getting quite old now. I drew these in the Autumn of 2016 so they are over 6 months old. Soon there’ll be redrawns of the redrawns of the redrawns….

When we weren't alive REDRAWN

Nice Trousers (redrawn)

Time for another redrawn comic. This is a new version of this oldie.

Nice trousers REDRAWN

The birth of a new religion (Day 1962)

Day 1962 Teh birth of a new religion

He knows quality when he sees it (day 1963)

Day 1963 Its for you2

Reincarnation for beginners (day 1962)

Day 1962 Reincarnated

Sad fact about birds and life (Day 1961)

Day 1961 Sad fact about birds