Evil Theresa May and Cthulhu

Theresa May and Cthulhu

Excellent Guide to Voting by Badlydoodled

I was inspired to do this when I saw the Action for Children campaign #WhyIVote on social media.

Theresa May’s dad

Theresa May's dad

Donald Trump Dad Joke

Donald Trump Dad Joke

Good imagination


The Governor

The Governor

The reason for David Cameron’s actions

Day 2465 The reason for David Camerons actions

Pocketmoney issues

Day 2322 pocket money

DeceptiCONs (day 2300)

Day 2300 DeceptioCONServatives

UK General Election 2015 compilation

For a bit over a week I have been publishing comics about the UK General Election 2015. This is the “compilation” of them all.


day 2285 who to vote for in watters

Day 2259 Millionaire

Day 2282 UKIP

Day 2273 David Cameron vs Playstations

Day 2286 3p rich