Jeans For Genes Day 2018

Jeans are always a difficult one to get right. As a dad, it’s even harder. Too light and you look like you should be fronting Top Gear, to tight and you’re running the risk of looking like Johnny Marr, a man far too old to be still adopting drainpipes.

Not that I’m claiming to be in the same bracket as Marr, his work is up there with the very best. Drainpipes though? I’m not sure they’d go down well on the school run.

This Friday (21st of October) I will be fully embracing my favourite denims to celebrate Jeans For Genes day, a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for the incredible work Genetic Orders UK do.

The annual event has been fundraising since 1992 and has raised more than £35million, from generous donations by brands, to kids simply paying their pound to wear a pair in school.

It’s such an important cause. In the UK alone over 500,000 children have some form of genetic disorder, working out at approximately one in 25. That’s enough for me to get my jeans on!

Denim has been a staple down the years from a tidy Levi’s trucker to a classic 501, a straight leg and no messing around. Choosing a pair today isn’t quite as easy, there’s so much selection from skinny, to straight, bootcut and with rips in almost every place imaginable.

There are thousands of different types of genetic disorders, affecting our sight, hearing, skin formation, muscles, bone growth and so much more. These are caused by the single genes and chromosomes that have altered structures. The sad thing is, in some cases they’re a total mystery.

That’s why getting behind days like this is so important in helping fund research to help prevent, reduce risk, diagnose and cure and generally improve the lives of so many.

So, why not join me? Pull out your best pair, crank up Born in the USA and donate to an incredibly worthy cause.

You can find out more about Jeans For Genes Day by clicking here.

This post was written in collaboration with Jacamo.

European Championship 2016 Final

For three weeks I have been drawing footballers as a fun little side project to my regular comic. It wasn’t supposed to go for the entire tournament – just a drawing of one player from each team in the European Championship. Just one. Well, now I have drawn a hell of a lot more. For each round a team progressed I would draw a new player but I thought the Final needed a full set of players including their coach.

The keen observer has noticed that there are more than 11 players for each team but that’s just the way it is.

If you fancy seeing larger versions of the players below, and I can highly recommended that since I drew them, click here or find the link in the Other Work part of my site.