Guest Comic by Kim Belding (Picpak Dog)

Today’s guest comic by comic strip supremo Kim Belding, creator of Picpak Dog, is a scary one. Scary because it is incredibly accurate, which makes me wonder how he would know about this. How does he know my son’s room looks like it was destroyed by 50 savage dogs? How does he know that my son never tidies his room…? How…?

Picpak Dog guest comic for Fatherhood Badly doodled

Guest Comic by Nicole McCurry (The Ecadian Chronicles)

Next up is Nicole McCurry who is the creator of the fabulous fantasy comic The Ecadian Chronicles, which you can read here.

Guest Comic by Chris Grabowski (Poorly Drawn Thoughts)

Here’s the first guest comic for my 5th anniversary courtesy of the fantastic Chris Grabowski of Poorly Drawn Thoughts. Go check his comic here but don’t arrange any playdates at his house. His son has swords and doesn’t seem afraid to use them.

Great Comic

Parmesan Love

Saying Bye to the Grandparents

Drawing on the Beach