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The Himalayas Redrawn

The Himalayas Redrawn published on 2 Comments on The Himalayas Redrawn

I decided it would be interesting to redraw my first ever comic – The Himalayas. It was great fun to do and made me realise how huge the creative journey has been since that drawing on Paint back in January 2014.

I had a good time doing this so I will probably do some more in the near future as some of the old ones deserve an upgrade.

Day 1801 The Himalayas (NEW)_edited-1 Day 1801 himalaya

Pirate ship

Pirate ship published on No Comments on Pirate ship

Day 2434 pirate loo

Deadly souvenirs (day 2085)

Deadly souvenirs (day 2085) published on 5 Comments on Deadly souvenirs (day 2085)

Day 2085 death souvenirs

The Gents (Day 1911)

The Gents (Day 1911) published on No Comments on The Gents (Day 1911)


Day 1911

The afterlife (Day 1787)

The afterlife (Day 1787) published on No Comments on The afterlife (Day 1787)

David Villa (Day 1042)

David Villa (Day 1042) published on No Comments on David Villa (Day 1042)

The himalayas (Day 1801)

The himalayas (Day 1801) published on No Comments on The himalayas (Day 1801)

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