I have been lucky that some amazing people and websites have wanted to hear what I had to say about my comic, myself and various other subjects. Check them out here!


First one is by the talented Matt Cole of Jabarau fame (you really must check his comic out, it is absolutely incredible, and his use of colours is nothing more than beautiful). Click the banner for the interview.


My great Twitter friend Sam Coleman sent me a long list of very difficult questions a while ago. Those answers made up this fun interview about my inspiration and putting children on mute. Check out his website (click the link) as he has lots of interesting content about being a dad, music, comics and much more


Finally, Best Webcomics spoke to me about my comic. This is a great resource of all the best webcomics out there. It helps you explore all those golden nuggets of comic fun that are hidden on the internet, so please go there. Get lost in the content. And laugh.

best webcomics