Playing used to be so much simpler

Day 2209 Games used to be so much simpler

As you might be able to tell this comic is a bit different from all the rest of my work. The reason is that a few week ago my good Twitter pal The History Twins suggested that I’d make a comic with cut out figures (my son and I had been making Diary of a Wimpy Kid so that prompted the suggestion). How could I say no to that?!


So, here it is. Hope you enjoy it. This is what the photo shoot looked like in case you are interested!



4 thoughts on “Playing used to be so much simpler

  1. Great idea & a fantastic finished result 😀 I love the shadows cast by the cutouts as well – gives great dimension to the woods. Kinda like the dappled light & shadows caused by sunlight filtering through foliage. Really fun!

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