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Guest Comic: Esa Holopainen (badlydoodled in Finland!)

A few weeks ago I got great surprise from Finland! The talented cartoonist and carpenter, Esa Holopainen, sent me this great guest comic with a Finnish twist! I love it. I have never been to Finland but if it was THIS easy to travel there I’d go there now.

Thanks Esa!

Check out his site here:

And on Twitter:

Guest Comic: Jon Esparza

Today’s guest comic is brought to you by man of many talents – Jon Esparza, who is the busy creator of several comics over at his Crazyverse (Mike and Mindy, Peppertown and Bubblefox). They are all available on his site so go check them out when you have a minute! Just click here

Jon is also incredibly supportive of other peoples’ webcomics on Twitter and one of the first people ever to retweet my comic, which I am eternally grateful for.

Thanks for the support Jon and thanks for the great guest comic which is a sequel to one I made for him a while back! You can see that one here



Guest Comic: Diary of a Squirrel

Here’s the first ever guest comic by an actual squirrel. “Squirrelhood. Badly Doodled.” sounds like it could become a successful spin-off along the lines of Frasier or….some other successful TV spin-off.

Diary of a Squirrel was one of the first webcomics I binge read and it always makes me smile, so why not give it your own binge reading over at

Thanks Mr Squirrel!


Guest Comic: DazzWorld

It’s GUEST COMIC TIME again! And today it’s the co-winner of last year’s not-so-famous “Santa Poopy Competition” – the creator of the fabulous and beautifully illustrated DazzWorld, Ben BD.

The situation in “Fatherdazz. Badly Dazzled.” is so familiar to me and I have been in many of these situations over the years (and I am sure there are more on the way!). Parenting can be very embarrassing like that!

Please check out his great comic which is one of my absolute favourites at the moment – with a style that reminds me of the many great European comics I read as a child. Ben’s also got a great competition going at the moment so check that out as well. All you need to do is create a monster! Although I haven’t done it myself yet. Sorry Ben…

DazzWorld guest comic


Guest comic: Ryan Rogers

What’s this!? A guest comic by Ryan Rogers – the creator of many funny comic strips and all-round nice guy!

He told me he had some spare time the other day so created this beauty for me. I think he managed to capture both style and humour of my comic (effortlessly) AND the type of conversations I have with my son! Thanks Ryan!

Check out his Spring Chickens and Zombie Dinosaurs – and while you are at it why not follow the good man on Twitter and Facebook


Ryan Rogers guest comic

Guest comic by Family Time!

It’s a new guest comic! This time by the funny Family Time comic, which is a fun “slice of life” comic you can read here. I think he did a fab job at capturing the humour, the way we both look and the type of conversations we have daily. In fact, this one is very similar to a chat we had three days ago, but it was the other way round. I was the one asking for approval…

Don’t forget to  check out Family Time on Tapastic!



(New) Guest Comic by Griefers AFK

It’s my lucky day. The funny and taltented Griefers AFK has once again sent me a great guest comic (you can read the first one here), which has elevated him to honourable member and official Badlydoodled Black Belt. Quite an achievement if you ask me.

He has also achieved capturing both Oskar and I much more accurately than I could ever do! And finally, it has been approved by my son who thinks this is so much better drawn than my work!

Please have a look at and on Twitter @GriefersAFK for more cool stuff.

Guest Comic Griefers 2

2 years old!

It’s my 2 year Doodleversary! Two years of drawing all the chats I’ve had with my amazing son and two years of learning how to draw. Thanks to everyone who have supported me up till now. Don’t go! I have enough for a few more years.

Here is a guest comic by my son and number 2 fan (his words). It’s me, drawing at the desk in his room. I’m smiling and humming and it looks like I have an eye patch plus massive muscles.


Day 2370 2 year anniversary drawing