Guest comic I made for Diary of a Squirrel

One of my absolute favourite comics at the moment is the fab Diary of a Squirrel. I had no idea squirrels were that funny and maybe it’s only Canadian squirrels because the ones that live here in the UK don’t seem to have a comedy gene. Anyway, you must check out the comic over here! In the meantime – here is my homage.


Diary of a Squirrel guest comic




Guest Comic: Diary of a Squirrel

Here’s the first ever guest comic by an actual squirrel. “Squirrelhood. Badly Doodled.” sounds like it could become a successful spin-off along the lines of Frasier or….some other successful TV spin-off.

Diary of a Squirrel was one of the first webcomics I binge read and it always makes me smile, so why not give it your own binge reading over at http://diaryofasquirrel.blogspot.co.uk/

Thanks Mr Squirrel!