The Santa Poopy winner has been chosen!

As you may, or may not, know I ran a competition in December to see who could design the most exciting Santa Poopy.

After long deliberations by the one “man” jury (my son), which was delayed by Christmas and a bit of indifference, the winner has now been announced at a big ceremony in our flat.

So it is with great excitement that I can announce that the first prize goes to none other than two entries; Crispin Wood of Small Blue Yonder and Ben from DazzWorld. Both very funny and talented artists that you should add to your “must read”-list of 2016.

Here are the two winners. Well done both.


The jury said: “He looks very fast and funny. His bum will get cold if he doesn’t buy some trousers soon! He also needs to shave it.”


The jury said: “I like all the arrows but I really like the inner tube for sea travel. I also like that he’s Canadian.”